February 20th, 2017.

So ’twas the end of that one, ‘Homo Deus’ by Yuval Harari. Very thought-provoking though inspirational work. Will I become a religious Dataist believer? Time will tell, although many of the signs – and concerns – are there. Despite my assured demeanor (so I’m told) I have been going through these books on philosophy, history, behavioural science, cognitive science and what not. And I still can’t tell. It has been thoroughly enjoyful to read about, and I certainly felt inspired enough to write my own little Amazon self-published book. 10-15 well-spent hours. Now, though, it really should be time to act those words, or, rather, behave accordingly. So I’ll dedicate the next few weeks to enjoy myself. Not that reading is not immensely joyful to me, it’s just that I should perhaps tend to some lighter fare – all this science-stuff has gotten me somewhat gloomy, and, well, what’s wrong with the occasional action-movie. Will first off take to this computer-game that K recommended, ‘Undertale’. Haven’t the foggiest idea of what it’s all about, but she’s really into it and furthermore states that it’s but a 6-hour game, so why not. Also on her recommend listened to the soundtrack at work, and it’s not bad – and gets us talking about it and other things. I get the sense that in taking an interest in what, in turn, interests her, she’s the likelier to take me seriously in other matters. So that seems like a good investment.

Will also take time to be more with V. We’ve been on our own for a while, she doing her class and the book-stuff, me working overtime and what not. So we haven’t really spend ages together. So will reserve the evenings for socializing – not as tough as the wording suggests. Evening last saw some finale to a tv-show she’s been engaged in, about some a vagrant cycling ’round the country with his mutt. Pretty HD drone-shots of the countrysides. At the end of it he moves himself into a giant camper and V got the notion that ‘we could do that, couldn’t we?’. So I gather she’s not alien to that notion still – that’ll no doubt do us well in some ten or fifteen year’s time.



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