February 22nd, 2017.

Taking it a bit easy works well, for now. Having no obligations beyond having tucked N in, around 8 o’clock, I’m enjoying doing nothing in particular. Have talked with V, watch some telly together. Basically setting aside time for relationship nourishment, always a good thing. And catching up on all those articles I submit to my Pocket reading app.

Yesterday went to the city, to fulfill a support-function in regards to the application I refactored for my old colleague, Thomas Lange. Will be interesting to see if this concept develops further, i.e. of yours truly helping him out in further matters – as his regular developer seems to have sadly come down with a depression of some kind. Also suddenly there’s an inquiry in the mail from the Technological Institute, if I would entertain the notion of travelling to Aarhus and give a course to 25 developers there?

So I guess I got enough going as is, that I won’t be experiencing this ‘no obligations’ thing for long. And that’s good enough, too.


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