February 23rd, 2017.

Fending off an assault from N’s teacher, expressing her desire to move him to a different class. If only because someone had to, as there was switching going on from one class to the other, and so, to ‘harmonize the classes’… So we drove a damning note and thankfully this morning learned that it won’t be happening. Godness… The only reason to move kids between classes is that some are leaving the other because they’re being bullied out – and we’d be sending our kid into that class? Sometimes I hate that school and their way of thinking. Let’s see what the next challenge will be. I know that child-problems only diversify as they get older, but this particular brand of public-school issues is one I’ll be glad to retire. Thankfully K’s not that far off. I guess if one were to yank her away right this instance, she’d confess to having had a decent time in school thus far; the narrating self would trump the experiencing self, and focus exclusively on the last time. Maybe that’s the trick.


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