February 27th, 2017.

Got a start on the new shower-stall during the weekend. Have had it tucked away in the basement for so long I wondered if I’d ever get that project going; and had managed to throw away the instructions, too. Thank God for the Internet! Didn’t get very far, though; V found herself on the trampoline with N, and within minutes she had a headache and felt dizzy and had to lie down, so I found myself entertaining him once more. So, all in all not what I’d been looking forward to, but ‘s good at least good to get in going, and, furthermore, such time I spend on that project in the weekends will be less time I’ll need spend during the Easter holiday, where V and the kids will be at Funen and I’ll be entertaining myself, no less.

All the birthdays of March are over, thankfully. V took care of most of it, of course. K seemed to like that keyboard for her iPad Pro – hopefully will ensure all her school-needs are taken care of, for some time ahead. V’s been on the lookout for boarding schools for her, in two year’s time – good to have all the technical requirements fixed, though of course that’s the least of concerns. Besides other presents – gift certificates galore – she got a part of a 4-day trip to Poland with her grandfolks, V and N. Good stuff – leaves lots of room for Stig and I to mess around with the kitchen, next-up project. We went to a steak-house in Slagelse, as per K’s request, and on the Saturday she and V went to the new ‘Beauty and the Beast’ movie, and even yesterday her friend Ingebjørn had asked her out to see the new ‘Power Rangers’ movie. So believe she got all the attention required on her entry into the teenage age.

So now it’s back to quiet time again, aka a new working week.


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