March 28th, 2017.

Sent off the bill to Thomas Lange, clocked in at around 15K. Came just in the nick of time, too, as per that tax-bill… So went and purchased breakfast at the local 7-11. Such quality of life one has, when one feels one can afford that!

Got confirmation that I will, in fact, be doing a course on the SOLID programming principles, in Aarhus on the 30th of May. Excited by the prospect. It’s what I wanted to do – and I think I could do it well enough, even. I guess it’ll take me places I’ve never been, and that’s a goal in itself, isn’t it. Good thing it’s quite a while away; will give me time to prepare, and to focus, and also it’s a bit of money going into the holiday period. Just hoping I won’t fail spectacularly; will no doubt stress myself out when it’s getting ’round time to actually get it done.


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