March 29th, 2017.

I sometimes think back to what could have been a faithful event. I think I may even have mentioned it here before; about that time in Tivoli, when I had K on my shoulder and was running up a flight of concrete steps and came ever so close to banging her head into the concrete beam overhead. It would have been horrible; she would’ve been concussed, and we would have fallen backwards down the stairs, she would have likely suffered cranial trauma. I shudder just thinking about it now. But it didn’t happen, so why do I still return to that scenario? I guess it put the fear in me. And I learned – a lot – from it. I’m more careful these days; although just yesterday, on the trampoline with N, he fell down and landed incorrectly, bending his back slightly. Quickly was up again, but still… I catch myself telling myself ‘go easy’. I guess there’s no protecting them from themselves, but I will try my best to protect them from me.

Meeting Kenn this afternoon, didn’t really want to. Conversation with him is such a non-starter. But I can’t bring myself to ignore him, like Dennis might – envy that ability! At least talked him into seeing a movie, some sci-fi thing, ‘Life’, at the Empire movie-theatre.


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