April 7th, 2017.

Got up early, fiveish, to catch a train to Jutland. Slept throughout most of the trip; had been anxious about not getting up in time, and thus didn’t get enough rest as it were. So barely noticed Funen and Southern Jutland passing me by. No problems in any direction, made it to Viborg in due time and dad picked me up. Went to the dentist; felt good to be back in regular surroundings, I must say. New dentist, but no bullshit, I liked her. Mum and dad, well they’re mum and dad of always. Did a small drive with dad, and later in the day he proudly showed me the stuff he’d gotten for me, and V and the kids, at the local thriftshops. So I donned a shirt a size too large for me, but there’s no complaining when he means it so well, is there. Even tomorrow will go book-shopping, too. Good to see them again. After dinner, cake, ice-cream, chocolate and a movie, well there’s no complaining about that either. And then V wrote of having just learned about a grant of 50k from the Government art-fund, by way of that application that I sat her down to – and rather painstakingly so – write one evening, a quarter year ago. Man, she was hard-wired to not wanting to go that tiny mile towards a potentially great reward – and now it’s in the account. I’m patting myself on the back here, I know, but if it weren’t for yours truly that money would have simply not have found her, and us. So, well done, Sir, well done.


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