April 11th, 2017.

Good to visit with the folks again. Talked at length, and saw a few movies with the old man. “Bullitt”, the better one. Did some jigsaws, played yatcy. And he had gotten hold of a hundred things for me, including a chess-game that I came back and promptly played with N, good stuff. Drove ’round town looking for books. And came the Sunday, Stig and Dorthe came by – they’d been up North anyways – and picked me up, so saved 50% on the return train-fare, thank you very much.

And now there’re a few quiet days, as V’s on Funen with the kids. So I’m doing stuff – setting up the new shower-stall, mending a broken fence, repairing a chair with a loose leg. So on, and so forth. Watching some movies. Taking my time. I’ve waited quiet a while for this, and will enjoy it while it lasts. It doesn’t take much, enjoyment. A movie will suffice. There will always be another movie, won’t there. I’m beginning to sense that life is short, and that maybe I won’t have time to do all I want to do. Because I have commitments that I won’t be able to honor if I were to throw caution to the wind. And, well, it doesn’t bother me as much as it once did, that realization. For I have these little moments to myself, where a decent movie or a few illustrious pages of a memoir, or watching a television show with V – and they’re moments to cherish, and I’m beginning to sense how I should indeed do that, and do it more often.


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