April 26th, 2017.

Picked V up from her writing-class, that she teaches every Monday. Last time, though, for this season’s sake. Don’t know what she does to those kids; they’re always showering her with wine and chocolate every time it’s the lsat class of the year. Got there early, and had to wait for a spell. This on the first floor of the central elementary school, overlooking the city hall and what used to be the post office, fire station behind it. I do somewhat envy her that class. I always said I wanted to end my career by teaching, and I so do hope I will, and I hope it will preferably include community work. There’s so much can be said for backing the community up, and I feel as if I’ve always benefitted from the community but not given much back into it, having been busy working and raising kids. But my time will come, I trust.


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