May 2nd, 2017.

Trying to put together a visit to Disneyland. Lots of ends to get to meeting – the when, the where, the hows. We have a fine little automobile that will gladly do the trip, it’s just that it’s a very long trip – 13 hours behind the wheel. But it’s the way to go, as V doesn’t fly and train/bus is too expensive. I’m somewhat glad we’re doign it, particularly as the other summar holiday activities are – relatively speaking – paid for in advance, and that V got that financial support – 50K – from the government. That makes me feels as if we can afford it, and, heck, it’ll be good for us, as a family, to do it. Should be great fun, and what’s the point of life if there’s no fun to be had. I think generally people are having, or are trying to have, too much fun – but not me, no Sir, and in a time of financial surplus (at least the next few months) it’s an important decision to have made. So will book the trip today.

Turned in the slide-show for the course – now there’s some hefty course material in the form of source-code that I’ll need look into updating, and right soon. Want to have time to dedicate myself to it, so will set all other non-important things aside – such as long-read articles, casual browsing, so on. Also work on the udstue(o) must be left for later months. Having looked it over, I’m kinda keen on the prospects of adding a few square meters to our house, and relatively cheap. Won’t be heated, won’t be much of anything, but will be a nice addition. A feature. And I could sleep there instead of the dark dungeon that is our basement.

Things are heating up at work. I’m apparently now responsible for this huge conversion project that’s got a deadly deadline attached to it. And I’m not convinced it’s possible to do within that timeframe. And certainly not when the guy I’m supposed to collaborate with spends a third or more of his time browsing news websites. Can’t do much about it, will try, as always, to do the best with what I’ve got.


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