May 8th, 2017.

Weekend came and left. Got lots done. And not much sleep, but more on that later. Activities included painting the windows, fixing the kids bicycles, taking N for a lengthy trip whilst V took K to soccer-practice. Also went wild in the garden, fully utilizing a new Bosch trimmer I bought for that specific purpose. Took immensely long to even cut down half of it – but good to get a semblence of a lawn back, and this new thing is wireless and will definitely spur me on to get out there some more, not having to tangle all those cords. Also spray-painted K’s new bicycle (blue and silver, as per her request). Oh, and made a temporary cabinet for V, complaining of her lack of shelve-space. I can appreciate her concern, and now that she’s urged me to focus on the conservatory – instead of the kitchen remodelling – I should get her some more temporary storage. What else? Oh, right, installed the new sofa she bought, a whopper of a thing. With a chaiselong. Kids and dogs took to it right away, and, well, its comfy enough to sit in. So we did, enjoying a movie-night – ‘Zootropolis’, animated feature, very good.

Internet-router broke down Friday afternoon, of all bad timings. No support until Monday, of course. Ah well, we made do. K leeched off my phone megabytes-allocation, and we had plenty of DVD’s left. And aforementioned movie. And we had even just talked about doing a bi-weekly tech-retreat-day. So there.

New sofa good for sitting, but real crappy for sleeping. Guessing ‘coz it’s angled ever so slightly towrads the back-rest, so one ends up tossing and turning. Felt like a drunk sailor, getting up. Slept like shit yesternight, and only 2 sad hours this one, from 22 till midnight. Then just lay awake, juggling thoughts. Have gotten quite good at not panicking, just because I don’t get much in the way of rest. Likely from having kids, that wake you up alla time and you’re just happy with the few hours you get. Perhaps ’twas good that I found myself awake at this miserably hour of two o’clock: as the cat brought a mouse into the house, that I was thus able to catch (and release into the woods) and so V didn’t have to wake up to that particular scenario.

Got on the train a quarter to 4. Sad place, Sorø Station, this time of night. But getting to work seemed paramount, in order to at least get something out of the wasted night. Quiet morning, put on some equally quiet jazz (*). It’s times like these, when I’m not really thinking straight from lack of sleep, and the day has only just begun, that I’m able to better appreciate things. My brain can’t process my eye-sight fast enough, so, as I glare out into the woods from my office chair, I quickly become focused on specific details; the rustling of a particular branch, the orange color of the treetops first facing the rising sun. Those sort of things. Probably not the best place to be, i.e. so screwed out of sleep that one knows it won’t be a tremendously efficient working day. But the quiet hours work truly well at this pace. (*: “Two Sleepy People”, from ‘Stride’/Danny Grissett/Vicente Archer).


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