May 15th, 2017.

Weekend came and went. V had to go to Funen, to practice som sketch with her mother in lue of an upcoming confirmation, weekend next. So was the primary caretaker on the Saturday, then she was back and the Sunday was mostly mine. Not much to it, and was glad that she went and had a quiet half a weekend in her parent’s company. That’s the kind of retreat that I usually take, as I go and visit mum and dad, and by her own account it was good to do that visit without the kids taking up all the time and topics of conversation. If only that stupid bridge didn’t cost so much, I dread to think of the kind of money I’ve spent in crossing the strait, over the years gone by.

Went to the library Sunday, in order to get some time working on the course material. Didn’t get the amount of work done that I had hoped, but will thankfully have two weekends upcoming to get more done – and will surely need that time, for it’s not long ’till the 30th. Am not fretting about it. Yet. Ah well, how bad could it be. There’s always the Aalborg scanning-job comparison, isn’t there: nothing will ever be as horrid as that. Working a 132-hour work week, spending as much as I profited on temp-assistance, then forgetting the data backups on the train back… Was glad I did that job, even happier it’s so many years ago now. I think we all need an Aalborg-moment in our lives.

Send off another job-application, for a more leadership-required role. Would like to see myself in a lower-managerial role, and there’s simply nothing like that in my current gig, where I’m more of a lone firefighter than anything else. So let’s see how that one goes. K talks about wanting to bus tables at McDonalds – why not, I guess.


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