May 21st, 2017.

I should remember to write about our weekend; went to a family confirmation up north, around V’s old neighbour of Jægerspris. Was fun for her, seeing the old place again. And the confirmation was decent, held at the Bautahøj conference center where I once was with Folketinget. Good chow, too. Must’ve set them back a hefty sum – they also gave their boy a check for 25.000 crowns. I gather they could afford it. Chased after Nicolas some, he’s still not past the adventerous age and capable of sitting still more than a half an hour at a time, and who can blame him. Lovely day, lovely drive.

On the Sunday, V took the kids to Sommerland Sjælland, so that I might work on the course material. Not so many days left now, am feeling reasonably sure about the project but there’s still a lot of stuff to do and not really time to even write this, on the commute that I’ve been reserving for coding that said material. Well they had a lot of fun, and I got a lot of work done, so there. And this up-coming weekend they’ll visit the Funen, so that’s likely the confidence-builder I’m looking for. And I really do look forward to it, somewhat nervously.

June proves a busy month. V’s folks will throw a joint 70-years party, and there’re all other sorts of activities scheduled. She’s fretting about numerous party-activities in her parents’ honor, particularly an á capella rendition of a particular fitting song she’s decided to sing for them. It’s her thing, and a nice gesture it is, too. I’ll be looking the other way, as I’m much too introverted – restrained, some would say – for these kind of endeavors. But credit where credit’s due, they’re likely to remember that and, well, nice gesture.


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