May 26th, 2017.

Keeping myself immensely busy throughout the prolonged weekend. With V and the kids off to Funen, I’m left to work profusely on the course material for that soon-upcoming course in Århus, on the 30th. Am getting there, but it’s a slow a’coming – and I must confess I’m more nervous than I thought I would be, and that I would like to admit. V has been very supportive, and that’s been great. She’s done it herself, and knows what it’s all about. And she tells me I’ll be fine, which I do believe myself, though the number of unknown factors are not really to my liking. Will of course go and do my best, and as far as this time to myself has been I have been committed, and not played around much. Though did spend some hours cleaning house, the minute they were out the door, if simply because I could not function properly if I had had to look around on this messy place! They’ll be back tomorrow, probably early afternoon. Though I haven’t enjoyed myself much, I have enjoyed the quiet, the peacefullness of the near empty house. The DAB radio on the DR’s Jazz-channel in the morning, the coffee brewing. Arranging my breakfast on a tray, keeping a lean kitchen setup. My kind of m.o.

Long chat with Dennis, actually two long chats over the pre-weekend – don’t know what got into him, he’s usually the one who never calls and I’ll need ring him five or even ten times before he breaks the silence. Maybe he’s been submitted to the silent treatment from Mads, he alluded as much, and come to confront his own shortcomings in that regard. Had it all set up to have him join me this evening, for a barbeque and a beer, but then V got into a bit of a row with her mother and let me know they’d be back earlier than expected. All about this thing with us driving to France over the Summer, as opposed to the hellishly expensive plane-trip. It’s ridiculous, of course it is – the autobahn is driven by millions of people every day, year round, and there should be room for us as well. But that, in turn, is her m.o.: now that she’s vented her angst, she’ll always be satisfied in her ‘told you so’ if something goes awry. But that’s such a pathetic way to live one’s life, isn’t it.

Dog snoring away, urges me to bed as well. Mutt stayed behind since it’s in heat and would frustrate the other dogs. So have walked many times with her today, can’t stand those sad-looking eyes beckening me towards the leash. Dogs – what use are they truly, very, very little in my book.


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