May 29th, 2017.

Long weekend came and went. Made the most, or would at least like to think I did, of the hours available to me, in preparing for the course I’m about to present tomorrow. Can at least now look a bit forward to it – feel prepared for it, as I would feel prepared for an exam. And it is, a kind of exam, isn’t it. As are all things in life. Don’t know how it will go, but I do know that I’ve spent the hours getting ready for it, and in thus regard it may go as it may. The only way I could be majorly better prepared would be if I had already done it, and benefitted the insight herefrom. So will now go, take it on the chin, try and get the most fun out of it and learn a lot, hopefully, whilst doing it. Kinda like the first time having sex. Am grateful it’s in Århus, and that there’s a paid hotel-stay involved. Will ensure me a decent rest beforehand, but – more importantly – makes it a bit of a journey, a business-trip, so that I get to distance myself a bit from everyday life and act and dedicate myself to playing a character. That’s important, to be able to shed some weight and travel a bit lighter, if only for a brief time.


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