May 30th, 2017.

Well that was that! And it worked out, in the end, as well as I could have expected. Given the learned crowd, given the size of the crows, I give myself an 88 out of a 100. The session was cut short in the end, by two hours even, and ’twas perhaps good – they looked somewhat weary in the end. Hope they benefited from it – their tech-lead, Jesper, let me know that they did. But let’s see what the official reviews, pending, tells me, maybe that’ll be a different story.

Went into a philosophical mode whilst on the bus to Århus station, on my way back. I want to believe that I left the city in a – albeit infintisimally small – better way than when I came. Some of those 25 will have been inspired, dunno if they’ll ever use the principles in which I taught but there’s a seed planted now, and if just one of them will, that’ll keep on giving down the line. Was truly great to have it over with, now I know exactly what to expect the next time around. A really good experience – studied, presented, didn’t falter along the way. Believe I gained at lot from that experience. Will repeat it, in two weeks’ time, now much better – hope to reach 95% – because of this experience today.


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