June 12th, 2017.

Just a day – tomorrow – left until I’ll be doing a second run at the course I’ve taken on, that I premiered in Århus just two weeks ago. Feels like a succesful story still, and I’m still taking positives away from it. And must say that it’s made me feel much better prepared – and I even think I’ll be able to enjoy myself, somewhat unlike last time. Let’s see. Have used the days leading up in preparation, mulling over and refining the material, and as such – of course there’ll always be room for improvement – I’m as set as I can get.

Decent weekend, got much done in the garden and to a lesser extent inside the house as well. Made a round around – so to speak – the building with V, cooking up a list of things needing done before we’re outta here. And a damn long list it was. Look forward to a better day – the Summer break, i.e. – when I’ll actually get the time to go about it. Although, it must be said, I’ve managed to come home from work for a couple of days and getting straight to work, leaving play-time with N for the later afternoon instead. That seems to work ok, at least for now, so I’ve begun to paint the hallway and do a bit of finishing work on what’s left from previous efforts – notably the moving of the door to K’s room, has looked like crap for forever. I’m thinking that letting go of the notion of purchasing that plot of land, very previously mentioned, has me more focused on fixing up this place – all with the purpose of someday – year – soon selling it.

Have begun to read Alan Alda’s brief auto-biography. Couple hundred pages, basically what I thought I could muster given all else and particularly the above, of course. I’ve just been in such dire need to read a book, a real book, and it’s a funny sad work that I’ve enjoyed thus far and undoubtedly will until the end. I did much appreciate his ‘Things I Overheard While Talking to Myself’, and it’s good to get behind the character of that philosophical work.


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