June 27th, 2017.

Winding down a bit. After all the family gatherings, the course, the whatever, it’s time to take a bit of a breather and play it loose. So am coming back from work and doing nothing in particular. Have noticed, by the way, a minor shift with Nicolas, in as much as he doesn’t grab hold of me the instant I cross the front door threshold. Yesterday came back and was into a conversation with V, then went for some bicycle spare parts and such, whilst he was happily playing Minecraft on his PC. So maybe he’s getting along to that age where he will be more self-contained? Although he did lure me our onto the trampoline later on.

Working on the kitchen. Won’t be as expensive as I’d think, though will still set me back some 15K, methinks, That’s alright – the house will appear the better for’t. And it’s good to get that project going. On another note, V introduced me to a tiny house-on-wheels she discovered on the web, and damn fine it looks, too. I could see us in 3-4 years time move to a rent-a-house for a few years, until the kids get older and will want to venture out, then V and I would semi-retire to one of those tiny-house-movement kind of things. Looks comparatively easy to construct and I could see us living in one of those for a few years, sorting out the finances towards building a – only slightly – bigger house for two. But I can see a lot of things, can’t I. Let’s see how it all goes.

I was trying, somewhat succesfully, to recall my childhood home, where I lived from 4 until approximately 20. Would I, given the opportunity, purchase it? I’m not sure. Likely not. I still recall it vividly. The kitchen, with its red counters and green fridge. The cabinets, with their yellow doors. The tiled floor, leading ont the grey carpet, which again spilled over into the livingroom and its brown carpeting. I wonder what it looks like now – quite possible the new family made significant changes. And that’s just as well. Perhaps I’ll knock on their door, sometimes, hope they’ll show me around.


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