June 29th, 2017.

Went and got a massage, believe it to be the very first time. Had hoped it’d do good for those stiff calves, but he – the masseur – didn’t believe he came across any issues, so at least that’s cool. In all honesty I’ve felt alright by them for a while, but never the less methinks ’twas good to have them seen to in this fashion. And fun to try, only ever so slightly painful with certain regions. Don’t know if it’s true of what he speaks, of the body’s muscles gathering ‘waste material’, but he seemed like a pro, so should be in the know. See what I did there.

Picked many more strawberries from the garden, they’re really blooming now. Good stuff.

Still bothered by hayfever. What has it been, 2 days since I last complained about it? Try to stay indoors. There should be a lot of rain on its way, hopefully it won’t enter the house, first, but secondly I hope it will put an end to all that pollen-polution, if only for a few days or so.


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