July 4th, 2017.

Ordered for 15.000 crowns’ worth of kitchen cabinets, closets, flooring, what have you. Will hopefully have it before the holiday, so that I might have that very same period in which to install it. Then will get an evaluation, towards selling the damn place. Am mentally preparing myself for it – cleaning out the basement, for example. Enough is enough; I could go on forever, and feel like I have already, in maintaining the place. All the while I’m the only one spending my time doing it, whilst all others around me are doing creative things, watching movies, playing. V is not one who should ever live in a house, it’s not in her to dedicate the time to take care of it. I don’t think it’s out of spite, it’s just that she thinks it’s the most pointless waste of her time and she could never bring herself to do it. So it’s on me, and, well, I’m tiring of it. It’s one thing to do it, but as there’s never time to feel as if one might enjoy the fruits of ones labor, where’s the point of it all. And so I’m beginning to realize enough is enough, and that it’s time to put this thing up for sale. That notion feels nice, because it gives me something to work towards, and look forward to. And that’s a good sensation.


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