July 7th, 2017.

Met up with Sis at Fisketorvet, close by her work. Found a decent buffet, talked at length. Thomas is doing well, likely will find himself employed once more soon enough – he’s got a huge network, but by all her accounts this downtime of his has been only good for him. So there, goes to show. Quite envious, actually. She’s doing fine herself, as I knew she would.

Talked some about the folks getting old. Like myself, she’s concerned about the old man, dementia-wise. I don’t really fear the state itself, just that he might become brusque towards mum; that I don’t think she could stand. And that the house is not really suited for care of the elderly, with its small bathroom and such. But maybe there’re ways around that. Good to touch upon it, it’s a responsibility that will, in some fashion or another, arrive in some years’ time.

Kitchen arrived in a thousand boxes – no point in asking myself how I’ll idle away the hours during the summer break!



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