July 8th, 2017.

Packed a heck of a lot into this day. Started out by loading the mini-car with garden-garbage, but the recycling station didn’t open until 9, which I only discovered as I approached their gates. So instead went and got bread to put in the oven, so as V and I might enjoy some baked bread. Went down well, and we even watched an hour’s worth of stand-up-comedy courtesy of the ole’ Apple TV. Then hit the recycling station again, and then again, and then again for a third and final time. So much stuff I’ll never need haul again, and good riddance, too. Got back and began to tear down some more of the kitchen, really got a good going out of that. Went on into the early afternoon, where I engaged K for a 5 kilometer fast trekking at Tuel Sø, just outside the town border. Good chat, had wanted to do that for a while – particularly because I wanted to talk with her about a possible move. Talked about that, and then some this and some that, and she let me in on some business ideas she’s been meddling in. This at 13 years of age – I’m not even beginning to be concerned about her future, this kid is going places. Grows up to be quite a stunning beauty, too, she’s got the looks to break a lot of hearts along her way. Got back and picked up V, went to the local cinema and saw the new ‘Spiderman – Homecoming’ movie. Decent flick, and good to do that whilst Nicolas is out of the house (on Funen, tending to his grandmother’s wild scheme of caring for a German kid, for a week entire this Summer). Was back around nine, got to put together some of all those cabinets I got for the new kitchen. Ikea-style, easy to put together – hopefully just as easy to hang on the walls. Got 7 down, with a gazillion to go but around midnight – time of this writing – hadn’t more in me. So that’s lots of physical exercise, lots of walking, lots of getting lots done. Even began a 8-minute Tai-Chi program! Well done – patting myself on the back. Tomorrow Sunday – plan on getting just as much from it as this one.


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