July 9th, 2017.

Effective Sunday, too – got lots done. Removed the old stove, put it in the garden to be removed later on. Put all the wood from the near-demolished kitchen out in front of the house, in the hope that V’s right, that no-one will steal our stuff while we’re in France because it looks like hell at first sight. Also installed a top shelf in the hallway, for our winter-clothes and such. So now there’s more space than ever out there. All will help when it’s time to sell the place. Took a good long day, this, though had time to watch the Austrian F1 Grand Prix, too. V was at Louisiana with Anja all day long, got back around 17 and I did some painting of the fence instead – noisy time over.

Apparently V’s grandmum, the Copenhagen one, has not long to live. Then again, she near 100 and the only thing that’s kept her alive for the last half year is that automated bed, isn’t it. Such a long life, too. Grants V’s mum a valid excuse to drop off N from his stay with them, though that was entirely her idea – as she had a german boy of 6 years of age visiting, in need of entertainment. Have missed having him around – despite getting loads and loads done. Will enjoy that new LEGO batman-game I got, from now and until we’re driving to France.

Glad I got that DAP-radio for N; he’s never using it, so now it’s a permanent fixture in our kitchen. V thinks its important we have some more music in our lives, and I’m thinking she’s right. Listning to some jazz while working keeps up the spirit, I’ve found.


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