July 17th, 2017.

The beginning of my holiday. Three weeks – Disneyland not included. So V’s grandmum passed away, and amidst all the fuzz about that, we never made it across the border. Sucks. But maybe not as much as I’d thought it would suck. I mean, I got fast on to the travel-agency and got their permission to sell the trip on DBA. So got half my money’s worth back. And so we saved a bit of money on the trip – and last Thursday we went to the Tivoli gardens in Copenhagen (duh) and frankly had a blast. A bit of a taste, too, of what Disneyland would’ve been like – long quques, crappy food for a lot of money. Plan to do Djurs Summerland, too, when the holiday nears the end and we’ll get to visit with the folks. So, yea, not the road-trip we’d intended. Thankfully this also means V’s mum is off her back, antagonizing over our impending death on the Autobahn. What we’ll do is this, then, plan a trip in the late Autumn, and V will simply not tell her about it – so there won’t be anything to fret about. She’s really been a handful, for a couple of months or so. Constantly critisicing our way of rearing children, relentlessly comparing out kids to others she deem more attuned to society. It’s been like this forever, hasn’t it; her giving with one hand and taketh away with the other. She’s hardly complex – she remains basically a child in an adult’s body, lacking in comprehension and empathy and the ability to put herself in someone else’s shoes. Yet V needs her there, so we’ll endure her. It gets easier. In oh so few years, K won’t be going there, and N won’t see them as a grand spectacle of grandparenting, either. So we’re slowly detaching ourselves, more and more, until the day when we won’t be dependent on them – her – as it sometimes the case. So we’ll put the dog in a kennel, when we need to somewhere. And truth be told we’ve called on her just four or five times throughout the years. I’m telling V that she shouldn’t offer as much information about us, our family, as they talk on the phone; simply allow her mum to spill her beans, which she does so effortlessly, and keep mum on the subject of how’s Sorø. Simply allowing her to run out of ammo. Probably won’t work, but it’s at least good to have a strategy about it – although I recall we’ve had one such in place, before.

Am not wasting holiday-time: installed some cabinets in the kitchen today, worked in the garden some. All the while also taking time to do a lengthy walk with K – 8 kilometers, around Tuel Sø – and play xbox with the kid. Watched the F1 race from Silverstone, too, and Roger Federer won his 8th Wimbledon tournament on my watch, so to speak. So it’s a working holiday, so what, it’s still good to have something to work towards. Am still ahead, in my projects and in my frame of mind. The next few days will see similar activities, similar progress.


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