July 22nd, 2017.

Sent the wife and kids off to Langeland, for the annual festival there. So this is where the holiday begins for yours truly! Well, need be working on the kitchen, and there’s a bunch of other stuff needing doing so I won’t be doing much in the way of actual relaxing – but that’s all a means to an end, getting rid of this pile of bricks dubbed a house. Man, was she stressed out as ever, as she got back from a night on the town with her girlfriend Anja. Roamed Holbæk like the days of old, apparently, but she’s also evidently totally missed out on the timing, so ’twas a case of going from happy to devastatingly stressed out in a matter of seconds. Thankful I’m such a man of infinite surplus, so that I was able to hold the fort. Hope some of it rubs off on N, the calm. I was not, best I stress (no pun intended), not always like so.

Picked up a couple of moving boxes from the local home depot, got back and kicked back for a brief interlude. Talked with Dennis, fresh from his filming and straight back into work. The shooting went well, this I believe his first foray into serious business, the topic one of warfare. Undoubtedly he’ll be soon enough found deep in thought on how to be able to produce his monster-film, but I sure hope this one’ll do the rounds and work out well.

And not it’s a time to be a-packing moving boxes.


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