July 25th, 2017.

Working on the kitchen. Lot of hard work. Hope it reaps a reward. Tomorrow the realtor will come by; I do much wonder how much this heap of bricks is worth. And wonder if anyone will want to ever buy it. So many modifications I’ve made; not all of them entirely worth the while I put into them. And now there’s a lot of clean-up, if one might call the finishing touches a clean-up. Not really that fun to do. But am seeing it for the investment it is. Who knows how long the financial tides are favorable to house-owners such as myself, but I’m thinking it won’t last, what with the interest rates so low and the debt levels to great. So will look forward to setting my last mark on this sorry place, and won’t be in the least big sorry to see it go. Look forward to the talk tomorrow; have absolutely no idea what this place is worth. Don’t want to be greedy, neither.

Stig stopped by to help, as per my request. Nice of him; couldn’t’ve lifted the fridge without him, for example. Amazing, how strong he still remains, at 70. I’m quite impressed. Tuesday, now, and I’ve accomplished a heck of a lot in two days’ time. Much remains, of course, but there’s still a bit of time.

Had an online chat with ‘my pension advisor’. So I have one of those. An hour’s chat of mainly her trying to sell me stuff, but there were some interesting points. Twenty years until I plan to retire, at 60. Ah well… What can or can’t happen in 20 years? Stig has watched some future-show, in which the topic was on the future of the work force. The narrator envisioned a future where there would be no fixed employment, rather hopping from project to project for a certain duration, then on to the next. I could see that happening, for sure. In his words, “in the next 20 years, we’ll see amazing changes that we couldn’t believe”. I think he’s right. I can’t believe how much it’s changed already. Just yesterday I was driving out to retrieve that used bed I’d purchased off DBA, and I entered the address on Google maps on my PC. And then ’twas on my phone automatically. Self-driving cars, virtual reality, all that stuff. So many possibilities. But for how many of us?


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