July 26th, 2017.

Really working myself, tearing down, building up, moving from here to there, cleaning. All in some very long days’ work. It’s okay, though, it’s not the slave-labor of olden times. And it’s for a specific purpose. And if shit comes to shove and no-one wants to buy this retched old place, we’ll live better with the improvements I’ve made. And clear of the clutter – have filled up the entire garage with stuff to get rid of. It clears my home, and my mind: I can’t proceed with the ideas I’ve got, if I have to constantly look and live in all this, this… stuff!

Realtor from Home came to visit. She didn’t seem overly impressed – and I, on the other hand, thought she was kinda snobbish. Another one tomorrow, hope we’ll cling better.

Will drive for lamps and sweets now. And extra garbage bags. Then will back and work some more. Really, not as sucky as it may sound. There’s always a full concert-video on youtube on the Apple TV in the background – Phil Collins, just this now – and, well, really if one looks at it from the perspective of some months ahead in time, or even life in its entirety, it’s just a few days out of a grand many thousands of those. So no big harm.


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