July 27th, 2017

Still alone in the house, V and the kids still at Langelands Festival. So am amusing myself by installing the ventilator in the kitchen, and doing lots of other stuff that needs doing.

Second realtor dropped by – like him much, much more than the other. Not at all up-tight. He was, however, quick to turn down my ‘dream scenario’ of getting out of here with 300K surplus. Expect him to set it at 1.5 million. Which, come to think of it, is damn near what I gave for the place when I got here. Ah, well. Never thought of it as an investment. At least I’ll be sure I get a lot of my invested money and time back, and that’s a big comfort. So it’s still a ‘go’, though I’ll still need get busy doing all those things that need doing. That I might then look forward to not doing anymore, for a considerable span of years, when we’ll be renting,

I don’t want to be moot about that not getting as much out of it as I’d thought. There’s years and years ahead in which to make more money, and, besides, I’ve learned so much about tools and materials and how to mix them, that I would’ve never learned it we had not lived here – and so I take that away, too, and given what I’m planning to do with that knowledge and skill-sets that’s worth a lot, too. I can look back at most of the projects I’ve undertaken and be satisfied that they worked, and in time worked even very well. So there.


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