July 30th, 2017.

Slept very poorly last night. Dog’s shoring woke me up. I guess that’s what I get from going to bed earlier than the others in the house. It’s hard to imagine, if one hasn’t experienced it, how loud that dog will snore. Much, much louder than V. I hate to admit to it, but I wish it would give up life sooner, rather than later. Such a needy animal. The kids like it, sure, but the cynical me thinks ’tis become a fixture, not unlike a piece of the furniure. Can’t go back to the basement now, would look odd when we put the houes up for sale. Maybe I should do it whilst the houes isn’t on the market. Had a bite to eat and then went into the basement and cleared a lot of stuff out. Truly, a lot. Tomorrow will take the third huge load of carbage and old stuff to the recycling station. I cannot believe how much I’ve taken there this weekend. So much stuff. Another thing that would be hard to imagine, all that crap.

Offered to help Simon Duncan, and so went there from 9 to 13 and did some demolition work – basically taking his swimming pool down. Came with the house he got, now he hasn’t a need for it. Fun work, though hard as hell. But hope to sleep better tonight because of it. In exchange of which he’ll store some of my moving boxes of books and dvd’s. And my electronics-stuff, that I packed last night. I like him; he’s an honest guy, doesn’t try to hide his feelings, or, rather, he’s confident in them. The divorce has obviously been tough, but I think he’s handling it really well. He let me know that I was always welcome, and there’s enough beer in his fridge for sure. So am thinking I’d try and hang out some more. He’s got a lot of skills I might learn from, too. A swell guy.

V slept on the couch for most of the day. As was the case yesterday. So I guess it’s hard to do a family-festival. Ah well, so I always knew she’s not a bundle of focused energy, now is she. That’s her persona, I’m glad it’s not mine. She sure doesn’t move around much. Right this minute I feel very alone in these moving plans.

Entering the last week of the holiday. Has been an awesome one, got so much done. And still need do much, but it’s coming together and, again, all that I do now I won’t need to again later.

Made a note of a sweet product I saw at the local home depot; artificial grass, totally indistinguishable from the real thing. 140 crowns per square meter, for grass that nevers needs cutting, will never fade in color, will never find weeds growing through it. Something tells me I’ll be in need of that soon enough. Should buy a meter and try it out.


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