August 11th, 2017.

Working a bit in the basement, at the odd hour of two o’clock. Taking down cabinets, shelves, all in preperation of doing the basement makeover. Listening to old American top-40 hits, meanwhile. Missed my window of sleep, see, this despite not getting enough resting hours for a few days. Don’t feel stressed out, but am guessing that this thing with me sleeping with V isn’t working. She seldom goes to bed before midnight, so there’s lots of lights and commotion, and I’ve been used to sleeping in darkness, with lots of silence surrounding me. She’s not doing herself any favors, though – she gets tired during the day and sleeps on the couch, so never gets quality sleep when the real time comes. Bad habits will come back to bite her. And possibly me, if this continues – but let’s see if not the tides will change, when school starts; she did tell me that she wanted to start going to bed earlier, and getting up sooner.

Going for two completely different jobs; one very creative, one very management-like. Gets me thinking about life’s choices, of different scenarios for different actions. I’m thinking – hoping – there’s still time to go about the heart’s desires, rather than think boring, secure, safe. So here’s to hoping the firstmentioned job will come through – am interviewing with them on Monday.

Man, this North Korea vs. USA-stuff is getting to me. Really, truly hope someone somewhere won’t do something stupid, that’ll set off a chain reaction. Too much ‘War Games’ going on here.

Makes me a tad bit sad that K and N will never – likely – experience, in the same fashion as did V and I, going into a music-shop and browsing CD’s. Going for the latest greatest album, but then being inspired about some disc in the budget-section. I know there’re different channels for that now – and am perusing Spotify just here and now – but they just smelled so nice, those shops, didn’t they.

So, yea, crap about the sleep. But am enjoying the silence, and it just being me and my thoughts. And the music, going back in time for a while there (Skive), and the progress I’m gaining. So’s not all bad.



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