I’m open sourcing my life. Specifically, I’m making this diary available under the GNU General Public Licence (https://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-3.0.txt).

Use it as a plausible back-story for your artificial intelligence, as inspiration to start a diary of your own, for dull bed-time reading. For whichever purpose fits your need.

I have very few secret that I’d like to keep to myself, and, besides, my life is hardly extra-ordinary – so there’s little reason to keep this journal secret. I settled my scores a long time ago, and can’t imagine taking on further ones.

In brief, I’m a male citizen of a Scandinavian country – Denmark – and I’m 42, and deist. I work in the IT-business, as a programmer. I’ve lived a hitherto eventful life, though doubtless less troubled than some. I’ve washed dishes for a living, and I once ran a small, succesful business. I was a lazy teen who’ve in later years ran marathon races. I felt lonely as hell until my mid-twenties, then I met my wife, the girl I’ll love for the rest of my life. For some years I was a victim of severe panic-attacks, likely brought on by the prospect of us having children. With time, and practice as a dad, the attacks finally went away and I was able to dedicate myself to the role of parent. I’ll never regret that decision. I’ve read thousands of books and seen thousands of movies and listened to thousands of songs, and after my brief time in the Air-force I moved to Los Angeles to try and become a screenwriter, wrote many scripts and read many rejections and came back and wrote, produced and directed the shittiest direct-to-dvd movie the country has ever seen. And now, as a programmer, I shuffle data around, and dream of one day building my own house.

So, yea, an eventful life. I’ve faced hurdles, overcome some, turned away from others. I’ve fallen out with others, made up with most. I’ve struggled with love, with family-life, with routine and dullness, but managed to arrive a some semblence of a foundation on which to base the upcoming second half of my existance – or what science has in store for us/me. I’ve broke some promises, most to myself, but always tried to treat others as I’d like to be treated myself. I’ve been too hard on myself at times, I think. I’ve failed miserably but succeeded moderately, at least I remain large unambitious at this point. I’ve seldom seen myself as better or worse than my peers, which I count as a major strenght. In regards to my weaknesses, well, I suppose I could and should do more to focus on my community. Will do better.

Guess that pretty much sums it up.