February 24th, 2017.

I really do like long shadows. There is so much history in them; of potential fulfilled, of a day spent in fruitful labor, of the evening break upcoming. I look at them and reckon that I’ve done my days share, and that the family is waiting upon my return, usually true. Particularly the long shadows of trees get to me. I want to wait for warmer weather and lie down at the foot of them, with a book in my hands and not a wind to turn the pages. And V beside me.

February 20th, 2017.

Weekend to not entirely forget; had N mostly to myself, so to speak, as V took to her bed for some hours and then to her smartphone for the other ones. Did play a lot with his new toys, so those were welcome distractions for both him and myself alike. Sunday went to the movies, saw ‘Vaiana’ at the Field’s shopping centre. Sis came along, too, was good. It’s a damn fine place if you’ve got money to burn; faux marble floors always got to me, somehow. It’s like a theatre, with a number of elaborate set-pieces.

I am near dreading these weekends, I must say; certainly don’t look forward to them, come Friday. About the only thing I got going for me is the hour spent on the commute each day, but it’s becoming increasingly inadequate. It can’t go on like this, and of course it won’t; I’m simply dreading the weekends spent like this from now on and until the state of affairs changes.

K got her first period, to V’s dismay. Not that she got it, but that she hasn’t grown much and now apparently – I didn’t know this – won’t grow much higher. I can think of worse things; if anything it’ll make her more attractive to most boys her age. But she may not like it, of course; are not teenagers destined to hate most aspects of themselves. Am glad V’s at hand to talk these things through with her, I would surely suck at it.

February 17th, 2017.

Kid’s birthday – 7 years of age. Marvelous. Can’t be there for the morning festivities – have work, as befits grown-ups. But will leave from work earlier than usual.

Not much pain left, here some 24 hours beyond having that tooth yanked out of its socket. Heeded Alan Alda’s advice, and paid attention to details in my surroundings in order to alleviate the pain. Took one painkiller pill in order to sleep well, and promptly did so. Good stuff.

February 16th, 2017.

Just here now got the damn tooth extracted. Good riddence – was glad I got it done. Feel like Tom Hanks in that movie ‘Castaway’ right; there’s a dental-scene that’s just horrible. Thankfully got loaded up on pain-killers, so that’s good. Hope I’ll be in (enough) shape for N’s birthday tomorrow. And work, too, though of course that’s runner up. K’s on Funen just now, with her girlfriend Celina, so V’s mum and dad will drive them back in time for his celebration. 7 years – how time flies. Was browsing through some old photos of him this other day, it’s amazing how his facial features haven’t changed all that much since he was 4. He’ll be a’looking young well into his sixties, lucky guy.

February 13th, 2017.

I remember trimming K’s fingernails ever so gently, while she was crouched in front of me, absorbed by the Teletubbies (c) on the box. At that time ’twas about the only way, since she fretted, as did V, when V did it. Daddy to the rescue. I’m sure she’ll think of me thus forevermore, likely combining the experience with that of me sanding her foot-warts.

In one of my English-classes in 3. or 4. grade, me boyhood-friend Finn noted that ‘among’ was the best word to describe a set of fish swarming in and around a rock. I, being sure I had found the better word for it, remember being slightly amazed that a) he knew a better word than I, and b) he knew a single word of English at all. I believe this rather indifferent episode made me a better listener overall; I began to pay more attention to those around me after that. Likely that had been (me) coming (of age) for a while, but anyways I do recall the episode. Greatest English teacher ever, by the way, old geezer named Ole, but I’d made his job easier by playing endless hours of glorious computer-games up until he took the reins.

Bit of a weekend to forget. Though did on two accounts get out of the house, namely a lengthy walk with K and a trip to the playland – happy hour prevailed – with N. Just to get them up and away from their screens.

February 11th, 2017.

Working today, Saturday, because I wanted to reclaim some of the hours I wasted yesterday, when I was to be found at the dentist’ in order to have that molar removed – yet was turned away, because they feared the dentist I’d been assigned would be up for the task! That’s the strangest episode as I’ve ever encountered in a dentist office. I’ll take V’s explanation for it, that the newly-educated dentist I’d been assigned had proven herself unworthy of the task in the days leading up to my entry; though if that had been the task I’d preferred to receive a phonecall yesterday. Oh well – have now been assigned ‘Glenn’ in Ringsted. I envision a two meter tall, incredibly robust and mighty man who’ll yank that molar right out of its socket.

So stayed at home Friday, playing Minecraft for hours on end with the kid. Part of the deal with V, so that I might go to work Saturday, in exchange for her writing Sunday. Feels like a dumb deal, but it’s the life I lead. Drove solo to Bilka to get him Birthday-presents; LEGO, Hot-track cars, and some spy board-game. Hope he’ll appreciate them. V’s been up in the air about it, until I laid it out as ’twere: his dad is his best toy, and will be until he’s eight or nine. So I got the kind of presents that two playmates might like. I can’t really envision the day that I’d come home from work and he’d be entertaining himself. I really outta get better at letting him be by himself, more often.

February 9th, 2017.

So – the snow is here. Really thought we’d make do without it. K was out yesterday, N will likely be out today. Ah well – it’s use of the sleds we have, I reckon. After the hot December, my nervousness about global warming subsides, if only for a bit.

He’s past his illness, N, so V will take him to school today. Good riddence, bacteria and virus – whichever he had. Was glad to see the meninghitis-fear vanish. V’s really been at it, so thought I’d appreciate her and got her a perfume from stopping past Matas on my way home. That’s really what I’ve learned throughout the years, stick to perfume, flowers, chokolate not so much. Feel compelled to mention, though, that I spent the last two nights on the couch so that I might intervene if (when) he woke up, thus securing her a sound night’s sleep. And, further, that I’ve played Minecraft into drearyness the minute I got back from work.

Have been lucky in selling a few used items of late; some smart LED-bulps, the roof-rack for the car that we never use. Plan to sell as much as I can, shedding this dead weight. The laser in the basement, oh how I’d like to rid myself – and said basement – of that. I think I’ve done good these many years past, in getting rid of stuff I no longer need. Recuperating cost, sure, but also getting it into hands of use. We throw away too many things in this World.

Talked the HPV vaccine over with V, again. Arrived at the same conclusion, that K won’t be getting it. Too many reports of malicious side-effects, and tales of a corrupt govermnent health agency and doctors not agreeing on the positives at all. All adds up to odds that I’m willing to take – on my daughter’s behalf. How easy is that… 350 cases each year, of the effects of this sexually transmitted disease. It’s like V said it best, if she ever got it we’d be devestated over our poor decision. But those tales of life-crippling side-effects, for a vaccine that only lasts some certain time, that there are others means of protecting oneself from (prevention), that some doctors wouldn’t give their own daughters… They all seem to agree on the benefits of all other types of vaccine, safe from this – I guess that’s where I got my primary clue. So it won’t happen, and I’ll keep my fingers crossed. But, then again, haven’t I kept my fingers crossed for all this while that we’ve reared kids? I’d think so.

Up early, half past two, to accomodate the kid to the toilet and back. He was soon back into sleep, myself not so much. So got on the early train. Will take a toll, but I’ll reward myself with a breakfast á la 7-11 and tomorrow Friday I can sleep in: have taken the day off so V’s dentist might remove my innermost molar. So I won’t be getting the root-canal. What I will be getting is a gaping hole and a blunt reminder to brush my damn teeth properly – and see the dentist regularly! I guess that’s some pennies saved down the road.

She longs to get back into her writing, V, which I can surely understand – she’s been around sick kids for a long as she can remember (week and a half) and the Winter-holiday is upcoming, too. Past my understanding there’s a bit of envy, too: I’m really getting into this AI thing, studying and forming theries – but my efforts amount to half an hour on the train each day. That’s not really getting anywhere. I must be great to realize oneself in this way. It must be, what, ten years or so that she’s been writing? I hope that I might one day arrive at the same scenario, of being able to dedicate huge chunks of my time for whatever fancies me. Albeit it what fancies me is apparently subject to change… I guess one should always be careful for what one wishes – but the prospect does seem pleasing.

Listening, on repeat, to “A Ticket Home”, from the “By Dawn’s Early Light” album by Thomas Larsen. It fits this winter-weather beautifully, I could – and methinks I will – listen to it all day long.