February 8th, 2017.

So came the snow. Lots of white, though not exactly snowed in. N is feeling better, much better – V’s keeping him at bay for now, but will likely allow him to school tomorrow. Have played a lot of Minecraft with him, to alleviate V’s – at this point – burdensome task. Somewhat fun – am trying to use the platform to educate him; so we build a temple and a sphinx together, which was good. The game is awesome for collaboration; really educational, was glad ’twas invented for both K’s and his age. She, K, seemed interested in the ImagineFX-magazine I got her, so will install Photoshop on her pc (she can use her iPad Pro as a drawing board) and get her a subscription, asap.

That damn tooth is coming out – I’ve made up my mind. Won’t have any further troubles with it, and besides I’m pulling puss out of it every day as I use those interdental-brushes (no such thing when I was a kid) around the edges of it. Extracting it will solve my problem, the immediate one and what I’ll have of futures issues regards. So it fits my philosophical mind, I’ve made up.


February 7th, 2017.

N’s thankfully slightly better; still aches all over, but he’s moving his head somewhat effortlessly, glancing whereever he fancies, and his general demanour is sound. V had the good notion to let him sleep besides her throughout the night, so that she might check up on him at regular intervals; this meninghitis-concern is not to be taken lightly. Came back yesterday and played a lot of Minecraft with him, and will do the same today and likely throughout the week; all to keep him happy, which is the best overall denomination(o) of his health.

Went to the National Archive, for work, to hand over some data. Was overtaken by Anders Gilbro of my former workplace, just next door, so went for a half a cup of coffee. Good chat – he’s very symphatetic and I always enjoyed talking with him. Quickly left before being spotted by the others; didn’t want to linger, I’m not that kind of guy. But fun to see the place again, ’twas a fun exercise in allowing auto-memory to kick in and note the quircks of going to and fro a place I’ve spent near 3 years in. Noted, for instance, the automatic reaction to the street-lights going red, slowing down from a distance to conserve energy – as I’d done near 1200 times before, throughout the 3 years I worked for Parliament. Long-term memories – not a fan of the distinction, ‘long-term’, but it does apply here.

February 6th, 2017.

So – that’s a week-long stay home order on N that’s finally lifted. Good riddence, chicken-pox – it was good to know you, good to see you leave. Still, in the end, glad that he got it, now he won’t suffer as an adult. Sadly, though, he’s complaining of post-aches: sore neck, sore back, headaches – all the signs of meninghitis, which we dread. His general demeanor thus far doesn’t indicate that he’s heavily struck by it – but we got him an emergency appointment with the doctor just for the heck of it, will look forward to learning of the outcome later today. Poor V – had really her to have some time off. She’s still bothered by that deep-centered cough, thought she’d be rid of it by now but it hangs on. Here’s to hoping we’ll all feel better soon.


February 2nd, 2017.

N still at home with the chicken-pox, though he’s certainly not worse for it, quite joyous and with a spring in his step. V, though, looks ghastly. And her cough only gets worse – I immediately reminisce of the time she was in a week-long hospital stay, for her pneumonia. Hope it doesn’t come to that.

Talked about moving out come Summer-time. I would like it – though there are many unfinished projects, that I likely won’t find the time to conclude. So that’s holding us – well, me – back at this point.

January 31st, 2017.

Poor kid’s got the chickenpox, itches him like crazy and he’s not sleeping well at all. I should know; I was up the half night to keep him company. So am pretty knackered at this point. Ah, well… it’ll pass. It all passes. Still another bad timing issue: needed time to put together V’s application for government art support, due tomorrow. She hadn’t originally wanted to apply, yet I thought ’twas worth the time, some three hours later it’s there and submitted and, hell, maybe something comes off it or maybe not, what’s the harm in trying. Yet another V-thing; I’m thinking I should make room for some more M-things… Soon.

House up the street for sale, for 1.8 million. That’s a hefty sum. Gets me thinking; I wouldn’t mind getting out from under this mortgage, and this house. Too much maintenance, too much time. Plus I’m rocketing up the waiting-lists for a rent-a-place, much faster than I anticipated.

K was pretty knackered, too, after her late night soccer-practice yesterday: 45 min running, 1½ hours soccer training. Well done indeed. She’s rocketed through Far Cry Primal and Mirror’s Edge of late, so good to see her take some physical time, too. Kinda glad she’s into those 1st person experiences, rather than wasting hours away at some online arena game.

Now, about that M-things time…

January 27th, 2017.

Was happy to see last week go away. Intensive one, mainly on account of prepping for V’s seminar, that she finally held – to spectacular success. Came to think of, and made a point of letting her know, that I think she is awesome in coming to terms with herself and making use of her abilities without ‘help’ from all those courses on mental misdirection; ‘thought-field therapy’, ‘Melkisedek healing’ or what the heck ever. Having said as much, I long for some ‘me’ time. I know it’s selfish, but I’m yearning for a day come soon that I’ll get back from work and it won’t be all about her, her, her. Her projects, her need for help, her panicking on having taken up too large a task. I wouldn’t mind, also, getting back from a focused working day and just putting my feet up. I’m hating it when I get back from the 9-to-5 and find her lounging in the couch, about to – not just having, no, actually about to – take a little nap, because she’s ‘been out and about all day’. It’s probably not what some would deem an easy life – there are the practicalities – but it can’t be the most stressful life, either, what with both the kids in school.

But here I am just bitching. Next week will be different. Now that it’s behind us it’s time to wind it down a bit, and the weekend should do us wonders I hope. N’s practically over his illness, alas he’s passed it on to yours truly. I can sense my lungue is at minus twenty percent capacity – little brat. Plan to take it easy on the jogging, for a bit. Saw the dentist, which was a crap visit. Apparently waited too long – a year and a half – despite being told the last time that I might easily wait a year(!), so now the ache I’m sensing in the lower left-hand molar is a huuuge hole that needs root-canal work and probably a crown as well. Heck, I’m not about to spend that kind of money and misery over a tooth that I can live without. They refused to yank it out, so will try my luck at V’s dentist, for a 2nd opinion and likely bettering my chances of faking a dread of dentists that’ll have her accept (I really thought ’twas a choice of my own) my proposal to get rid of it entirely. One needs sometimes to do a little bit of acting in life; I do it willingly, and even think myself good at it.


January 22nd, 2017.

N is sick as a dog, probably an ear-infection. Some time since his last leave of sick absence, so won’t hold it against him. The timing is terribly off, though: V’s in the last throes of finishing the preparations for her seminar, monday-wednesday next week. Spent some time at the youth-academy where it’s to be held, putting up private bed-spaces for the 10 kids she’ll entertain. Hope it works out for her. Not particularly lucrative, but it feels good to do something for the community. Also, I got a good 4 kilometer walk out of it, trekking back. Should do that more often, walk as opposed to run. My achilles tendon is still sore, and methinks I’ll cut back on that friday running, to spare it for a while.

Hope he recovers soon enough. Will spend the night in his room, to spare V a decent night’s rest.