July 26th, 2017.

Really working myself, tearing down, building up, moving from here to there, cleaning. All in some very long days’ work. It’s okay, though, it’s not the slave-labor of olden times. And it’s for a specific purpose. And if shit comes to shove and no-one wants to buy this retched old place, we’ll live better with the improvements I’ve made. And clear of the clutter – have filled up the entire garage with stuff to get rid of. It clears my home, and my mind: I can’t proceed with the ideas I’ve got, if I have to constantly look and live in all this, this… stuff!

Realtor from Home came to visit. She didn’t seem overly impressed – and I, on the other hand, thought she was kinda snobbish. Another one tomorrow, hope we’ll cling better.

Will drive for lamps and sweets now. And extra garbage bags. Then will back and work some more. Really, not as sucky as it may sound. There’s always a full concert-video on youtube on the Apple TV in the background – Phil Collins, just this now – and, well, really if one looks at it from the perspective of some months ahead in time, or even life in its entirety, it’s just a few days out of a grand many thousands of those. So no big harm.

July 25th, 2017.

Working on the kitchen. Lot of hard work. Hope it reaps a reward. Tomorrow the realtor will come by; I do much wonder how much this heap of bricks is worth. And wonder if anyone will want to ever buy it. So many modifications I’ve made; not all of them entirely worth the while I put into them. And now there’s a lot of clean-up, if one might call the finishing touches a clean-up. Not really that fun to do. But am seeing it for the investment it is. Who knows how long the financial tides are favorable to house-owners such as myself, but I’m thinking it won’t last, what with the interest rates so low and the debt levels to great. So will look forward to setting my last mark on this sorry place, and won’t be in the least big sorry to see it go. Look forward to the talk tomorrow; have absolutely no idea what this place is worth. Don’t want to be greedy, neither.

Stig stopped by to help, as per my request. Nice of him; couldn’t’ve lifted the fridge without him, for example. Amazing, how strong he still remains, at 70. I’m quite impressed. Tuesday, now, and I’ve accomplished a heck of a lot in two days’ time. Much remains, of course, but there’s still a bit of time.

Had an online chat with ‘my pension advisor’. So I have one of those. An hour’s chat of mainly her trying to sell me stuff, but there were some interesting points. Twenty years until I plan to retire, at 60. Ah well… What can or can’t happen in 20 years? Stig has watched some future-show, in which the topic was on the future of the work force. The narrator envisioned a future where there would be no fixed employment, rather hopping from project to project for a certain duration, then on to the next. I could see that happening, for sure. In his words, “in the next 20 years, we’ll see amazing changes that we couldn’t believe”. I think he’s right. I can’t believe how much it’s changed already. Just yesterday I was driving out to retrieve that used bed I’d purchased off DBA, and I entered the address on Google maps on my PC. And then ’twas on my phone automatically. Self-driving cars, virtual reality, all that stuff. So many possibilities. But for how many of us?

July 22nd, 2017.

Sent the wife and kids off to Langeland, for the annual festival there. So this is where the holiday begins for yours truly! Well, need be working on the kitchen, and there’s a bunch of other stuff needing doing so I won’t be doing much in the way of actual relaxing – but that’s all a means to an end, getting rid of this pile of bricks dubbed a house. Man, was she stressed out as ever, as she got back from a night on the town with her girlfriend Anja. Roamed Holbæk like the days of old, apparently, but she’s also evidently totally missed out on the timing, so ’twas a case of going from happy to devastatingly stressed out in a matter of seconds. Thankful I’m such a man of infinite surplus, so that I was able to hold the fort. Hope some of it rubs off on N, the calm. I was not, best I stress (no pun intended), not always like so.

Picked up a couple of moving boxes from the local home depot, got back and kicked back for a brief interlude. Talked with Dennis, fresh from his filming and straight back into work. The shooting went well, this I believe his first foray into serious business, the topic one of warfare. Undoubtedly he’ll be soon enough found deep in thought on how to be able to produce his monster-film, but I sure hope this one’ll do the rounds and work out well.

And not it’s a time to be a-packing moving boxes.

July 17th, 2017.

The beginning of my holiday. Three weeks – Disneyland not included. So V’s grandmum passed away, and amidst all the fuzz about that, we never made it across the border. Sucks. But maybe not as much as I’d thought it would suck. I mean, I got fast on to the travel-agency and got their permission to sell the trip on DBA. So got half my money’s worth back. And so we saved a bit of money on the trip – and last Thursday we went to the Tivoli gardens in Copenhagen (duh) and frankly had a blast. A bit of a taste, too, of what Disneyland would’ve been like – long quques, crappy food for a lot of money. Plan to do Djurs Summerland, too, when the holiday nears the end and we’ll get to visit with the folks. So, yea, not the road-trip we’d intended. Thankfully this also means V’s mum is off her back, antagonizing over our impending death on the Autobahn. What we’ll do is this, then, plan a trip in the late Autumn, and V will simply not tell her about it – so there won’t be anything to fret about. She’s really been a handful, for a couple of months or so. Constantly critisicing our way of rearing children, relentlessly comparing out kids to others she deem more attuned to society. It’s been like this forever, hasn’t it; her giving with one hand and taketh away with the other. She’s hardly complex – she remains basically a child in an adult’s body, lacking in comprehension and empathy and the ability to put herself in someone else’s shoes. Yet V needs her there, so we’ll endure her. It gets easier. In oh so few years, K won’t be going there, and N won’t see them as a grand spectacle of grandparenting, either. So we’re slowly detaching ourselves, more and more, until the day when we won’t be dependent on them – her – as it sometimes the case. So we’ll put the dog in a kennel, when we need to somewhere. And truth be told we’ve called on her just four or five times throughout the years. I’m telling V that she shouldn’t offer as much information about us, our family, as they talk on the phone; simply allow her mum to spill her beans, which she does so effortlessly, and keep mum on the subject of how’s Sorø. Simply allowing her to run out of ammo. Probably won’t work, but it’s at least good to have a strategy about it – although I recall we’ve had one such in place, before.

Am not wasting holiday-time: installed some cabinets in the kitchen today, worked in the garden some. All the while also taking time to do a lengthy walk with K – 8 kilometers, around Tuel Sø – and play xbox with the kid. Watched the F1 race from Silverstone, too, and Roger Federer won his 8th Wimbledon tournament on my watch, so to speak. So it’s a working holiday, so what, it’s still good to have something to work towards. Am still ahead, in my projects and in my frame of mind. The next few days will see similar activities, similar progress.

July 9th, 2017.

Effective Sunday, too – got lots done. Removed the old stove, put it in the garden to be removed later on. Put all the wood from the near-demolished kitchen out in front of the house, in the hope that V’s right, that no-one will steal our stuff while we’re in France because it looks like hell at first sight. Also installed a top shelf in the hallway, for our winter-clothes and such. So now there’s more space than ever out there. All will help when it’s time to sell the place. Took a good long day, this, though had time to watch the Austrian F1 Grand Prix, too. V was at Louisiana with Anja all day long, got back around 17 and I did some painting of the fence instead – noisy time over.

Apparently V’s grandmum, the Copenhagen one, has not long to live. Then again, she near 100 and the only thing that’s kept her alive for the last half year is that automated bed, isn’t it. Such a long life, too. Grants V’s mum a valid excuse to drop off N from his stay with them, though that was entirely her idea – as she had a german boy of 6 years of age visiting, in need of entertainment. Have missed having him around – despite getting loads and loads done. Will enjoy that new LEGO batman-game I got, from now and until we’re driving to France.

Glad I got that DAP-radio for N; he’s never using it, so now it’s a permanent fixture in our kitchen. V thinks its important we have some more music in our lives, and I’m thinking she’s right. Listning to some jazz while working keeps up the spirit, I’ve found.

July 8th, 2017.

Packed a heck of a lot into this day. Started out by loading the mini-car with garden-garbage, but the recycling station didn’t open until 9, which I only discovered as I approached their gates. So instead went and got bread to put in the oven, so as V and I might enjoy some baked bread. Went down well, and we even watched an hour’s worth of stand-up-comedy courtesy of the ole’ Apple TV. Then hit the recycling station again, and then again, and then again for a third and final time. So much stuff I’ll never need haul again, and good riddance, too. Got back and began to tear down some more of the kitchen, really got a good going out of that. Went on into the early afternoon, where I engaged K for a 5 kilometer fast trekking at Tuel Sø, just outside the town border. Good chat, had wanted to do that for a while – particularly because I wanted to talk with her about a possible move. Talked about that, and then some this and some that, and she let me in on some business ideas she’s been meddling in. This at 13 years of age – I’m not even beginning to be concerned about her future, this kid is going places. Grows up to be quite a stunning beauty, too, she’s got the looks to break a lot of hearts along her way. Got back and picked up V, went to the local cinema and saw the new ‘Spiderman – Homecoming’ movie. Decent flick, and good to do that whilst Nicolas is out of the house (on Funen, tending to his grandmother’s wild scheme of caring for a German kid, for a week entire this Summer). Was back around nine, got to put together some of all those cabinets I got for the new kitchen. Ikea-style, easy to put together – hopefully just as easy to hang on the walls. Got 7 down, with a gazillion to go but around midnight – time of this writing – hadn’t more in me. So that’s lots of physical exercise, lots of walking, lots of getting lots done. Even began a 8-minute Tai-Chi program! Well done – patting myself on the back. Tomorrow Sunday – plan on getting just as much from it as this one.

July 7th, 2017.

Met up with Sis at Fisketorvet, close by her work. Found a decent buffet, talked at length. Thomas is doing well, likely will find himself employed once more soon enough – he’s got a huge network, but by all her accounts this downtime of his has been only good for him. So there, goes to show. Quite envious, actually. She’s doing fine herself, as I knew she would.

Talked some about the folks getting old. Like myself, she’s concerned about the old man, dementia-wise. I don’t really fear the state itself, just that he might become brusque towards mum; that I don’t think she could stand. And that the house is not really suited for care of the elderly, with its small bathroom and such. But maybe there’re ways around that. Good to touch upon it, it’s a responsibility that will, in some fashion or another, arrive in some years’ time.

Kitchen arrived in a thousand boxes – no point in asking myself how I’ll idle away the hours during the summer break!