October 20th, 2017.

Splitting headache, probably from being shy of coffee for the last day or so. Am busy installing the new kitchen sink, so only now got it done and had closed down on the water, wherefore – no coffee. Had some in my system now, so hope the headache will go away soon.

Busying myself with the kitchen remodelling. Am not terribly pleased with the counter-top I got – it scratches too easily. Ah well. Generally OK with the work I’m doing. It’s give and take, and this time I’m likely giving away too much that I’d like, but, hey, my standards have gone down since of late. Still just biding my time until we can sell the house, eh? But it’s true.

V and the kids at Funen, allows me the time to work on this and not much else. Thank God they took the dog with them – it would’ve bothered me no end, and I’d’ve never gotten much done with it here. If it ain’t the kids taking up my time…

Will quit bitchin’ and get back to work, now.



October 17th, 2017.

Just kinda treading water at work, until it’s time to leave. Don’t feel in the least bit guilty – I’m giving them my 30 plus overtime-hours for free. So they can go fuck themselves, if they don’t like it. Really look forward to the new gig now. All that new tech.

Also treading water at home. The kids are on holiday, so N is put to bed around ten o’clock. Until which time I’m playing MineCraft with him. Makes for some really, really long days. But soon they’ll depart for Funen, and I’ll have a kitchen to finish. Hurrah.

October 11th, 2017.

Had some time on my hands, as I was early in getting to the city where I was meant to meet Thor. So I waltzed past the Politiken book-store. It’s quite amazing to me how it’s changed throughout the 20 years or so. I went there for the classics, and they’re still there though pricier than ever. But there’s a cafe in there, now, and people are sitting around just to chat and talk about books and such. So it’s a different setting. The ‘Latin-quarter’, as only I dub it, around the corners are as fascinating as ever – I’d like to take K there on day, preferably a Summer-day. Loads of speciality shops, and speciality people too. Dived into the ‘Fantask’ store, the comic book shop of choice in the city. Fascinating guy behind the counter, chatting up the customers. Looked as if he’d been welded to that spot for ages, and, sure enough, a plague on the door told of his near-retirement from 30 years’ service. Thirty years? So that’s thirty years of his life spent in that store, years and years of content; discaring old content in favor of the new content, from fad to fad… I guess he must be a pretty knowledgable man at this point. Still, it gets to me a bit – all that … content! I’m likely a bit jealous. I’ll stop with the ‘content’ now. It was a good feeling, walking slowly in the drizzle in the city. I didn’t realize how much I’ve missed it.

It was good to meet Thor, especially in a good mood, despite not much sleep – on account of his boy being sick. Has been a while since I saw him last, so am glad he’s doing alright in his relationship. And his son is generally healthy – only not right now. Talked about this and that and shopped for chocolate for our respective better halves.

October 8th, 2017.

Yesterday, Saturday, went to the Imperial Theatre and enjoyed the hell out of a screening of ‘Blade Runner 2049’, with Dennis. The single best movie I’ve seen all year, and likely the past few years as well. Perfectly executed, magnificent all around, it’ll be a long, long time before I’ve forgotten this one. Such a beautiful film, it got everything right. And a perfect afterthought, too, went to the Café Luna for a 60s themed burger and shake and a long talk about the movie and this and that. Pushed myself out of there by 23, if only to catch the last train home. Man, that was a great evening out, that I’ll savor for years. He’s doing well for himself, D, good to hear.

Damn fine evening, damn fine.

October 3rd, 2017.

Got an e-mail from my new employer, asking me what kind of computer I’d like to work on. So, inspired by their own choice, I went for a big motherfucker of an iMac. Seems I was right in withholding any investment in gear for myself, as it’ll new be delievered to my doorstep in a month or so – splendid. Am beginning to shut down mentally at my present workplace, likely because I’ve been informed that I shan’t expect to see fulfilled my 30 hours’ overtime. Had hoped I’d have use for them with the upcoming Autumn-holiday, but I guess that’s not to be. Have plans, though, to arrive late on some days, leave early on others, so that I’m likely to see them spent in my favor, anyway.

Saw a very interesting video from the ‘SpaceX’ company’s annual gathering. This guy Elon Musk spoke 45 minutes about the design of their new rocket, designed reusuable in order to facilitate trips to Mars, the moon, oh, and anywhere on earth within a half an hour. Seems like sci-fi, but given what he and his company has managed to achieve otherwise, maybe not so much. The designs he presented, on ‘Moon Base Alpha’ and ‘Mars City’ were, indeed compelling. Timing’s great, I’m reading – for the second time, not too often that happens – ‘The Martian’, by Andy Weir. Would I get on a no-roundtrip ticket to Mars? I sure would, given the chance.

Poor Catalonans. Having just voted for independence, through police brutality seldom seem within EU’s borders, they’re unlikely to see their wishes granted by the rest of Spain. Lots of stuff going on these years, thankfully the Trump presidency hasn’t yielded the catastrophic events one might’ve anticipated – though of course he’s got time still. As a species, we’re certainly giving ourselves enough challenges to overcome, aren’t we.

September 27th, 2017.

Got the response from the IRS that I was looking for; so will start there on the 1st of November. So, still got it, eh? Don’t know about that, am not feeling the tech-savvy one, haven’t in ages – not enough time in this present day and age – but ‘s good to know I can still represent myself. Will likely need to invest more hours initially, but that’s what I hope it will be, an investment – job-security for later years.

September 23rd, 2017.

Sometimes I wonder if, as a technie, I’m driving people apart. What with the web-sites I’ve helped design and build, with the data I’ve transmitted. I think back to that running-website proof-of-concept that I once made, twenty-odd years ago, that attracted a handful og great joggers, and I’m thinking how with a different timing and country and other circumstances I could’ve been responsible for having created Facebook or Twitter or what not. And if those beasts are, in practicality, actually helping us co-exist or rather driving us apart? I really can’t decide. Though the jury is still out, the preliminary results point to a resounding ‘no’. Maybe it’s just growing pains, but the signs are that we’ve chancing, we as a species, and not for the better. Though what can we do? We strive to evolve, and there’s no stopping that. Maybe we’ll drive ourselves into extinction. In trying to connect us all together, through technology, we’re meddling with powers we cannot truly comprehend, it’s uncharted territory. And I must confess it scares me a little.

Good to see Rasmus again, on his request, at the spot of my choosing, the Vesterbro Bryghus. Went past the old Scale grounds, there’er 5 semi high-risers now and across from that, they’re near finished on a huge steel and glass juggernaut of a food complex, adjacent to the Tivoli Gardens. The city is so vibrant and alive, and I admit to longing to be part of it again. So here’s to hoping that job at the IRS will come to fruition. He’s doing well for himself, Rasmus, I don’t really know why I haven’t called out to him, perhaps a bit of jealusy about his easy-going life. Alas his brief fling with that lady conductor didn’t get far, but by his own account ’twas great sex and his job keeps him occupied and content, what with all the travelling and such. Paris, this other week, another thing to envy him. Good to see him again.

So I’m headed upstate as I’m writing this, to visit with the folks and see my dentist. And relax for a few days. Dennis is in Randers, will head out and talk and hit the cinema in Randers, that’s tomorrow, looking forward. Have really had my fill of social arrangements, lots of talks, lots of inspiration, should try and keep at it, it’s refreshing and I’m only valuating it more, with time. V, too, got her social challenges set up, in as much as her creative writings’ class in once more a stable feature on the Soroe Youth-school schedule. Third year running, and it seems there’s gonna be a weekend-seminar again, so that’s terrific. Keeps her happy, and so we all benefit.

N is almost past his sickness, today’s the last day – likely – he’ll be staying home from school. Which is great in as much as it offers V a chance to relax, throughout the Friday, before the weekend keeps her busy once more, and I’m away until the Sunday. Am myself pretty knackered after not too many hours’ sleep throughout the week, that cough of his has been horrible, poor kid. ‘Twas like this with K, too, I recall, she was sick quite a lot through the first grade, but then it got better and better from there. So hope the same will prove the case with him, too.