December 13th, 2017.

I remember how, as a young boy, I would lie down in the back of the family Volvo 240 stationwagon as we drove home from a family gathering whereever. I guess they anticipated it’d be late into the evening before we got back, and thus threw our pillows, sis’ and mine, and blankets into the back and we’d be fast asleep. I likely faked being fast asleep, at least, in order to have dad carry me into my own bed. I remember lying on my side and seeing the hue of the reddish streetlights – they used real bulps back then – fade in and out as we drove home. And the distinct hum of that magnificent engine, rattling through the pillows and into my skull and gently rocking me to sleep. Didn’t happen often, only two or perhaps three times, but I recall it quite clearly, so I guess it marked a moment for me. All the machines were so loud those days, particularly the tractors and combines, and the smell of dad’s old Bedford company-van I’ll never forget.

First snow arrived, thankfully didn’t stay long. But they’ll be more I’m sure.


December 5th, 2017.

Did my course for a third time, and it went very well indeed. Still there’s room for improvements, of course, but isn’t that always so. Had some good talks, and they were, all in all, good participants. Older ones, still – I can’t seem to attract the younger crowd, and think I might have to change the material to suit my elders. A bit puzzled by that, but, hey, I build it and they may yet come.

So glad to cross that item off my list – couldn’t really think past it. Now I’ll go on and enjoy the December some more. Started last night, as V and I saw the pilot-episode of that tv-series she likes, ‘Elementary’. Good show to watch together.

Christmas, of course, looms. Have got the most of the presents down, so there. Contemplate getting a little something for myself, but remain as hesitant as ever. Black Friday didn’t really swing my way. The plastic tree is up, courtesy of V and the kids, and the in-laws drove past, too.

Back to regular work, now, and who knows where that’ll lead me. Looking to further my challenges, ’tis a rather sedate position as it stands. Here’s to hoping my recently former boss Mikkel, damn job-switcher, will reach out and haul me in. Other than that have no plans about anything, so let’s see how that plays out. One never knows, but at least I’m old enough to know not to press it beyond its breaking point. Ahh, age and experience. I won’t say I don’t revel in them, these years, but, hey, I do.

Walked for an hour in the early evening, prior to the course day. Wanted to wear myself down so as to sleep better – and did – and the running is going a-ok but I feel the same slight pain from my achilles heels as I did the last time, when I had to stop jogging altogether. So better to do some hefty walkabouts instead. Running with K is great, we get lots of talking done and it’s a great way to spend some time. Just need some new shoes, she and I alike, and next week I’ll be moving faster along once more.

Don’t think I mentioned the trip to mum and dad that I did over the weekend, from Friday to Saturday only. Long drive, at night and in the rain, too, but ’twas worth it all. Given the lure of his iPad, N is easier to handle when we’re up there, so get more talking done. And they were both glad to see them again, and mum got some talking done with K as dad and I went for a ride across the old townscapes. And, though they didn’t have to and in fact never did have to, they were terribly kind to us financially. Damn good of them, and surely needed too, for the November was a really rough ride this year. Otherwise notably trip for the 30 or 40 so deer that crossed our road with their large group – was glad I spotted them very early on, so as to ease into the breaking. Quite a wonderous sight to behold, those animals strolling past us.


November 27th, 2017.

There’s a turn in ‘The Next Life’ by Suede, just before Brett Anderson goes into the last iteration of the verse, where he brings his voice up just one octave, and the melody, and the song with it, takes an entirely different direction. Just heard it again this evening, whilst out for my jog, and it got to me once more.

I’ll often, particularly in late Autumn-times, rest my gaze upon the fluorescent street lights and take myself back to the festive times of my youth. We’d be drunkenly happily be moving shoulder by shoulder down the street, five or six of us, quite lost in our own world and our own time and the epicenter of life that was the here and now. Hardly concerned with moving out of the way of anything that might interfere with our sense of togetherness, and the kind of identity we would foolishly like to think was ordinarily reserved for brothers of war. And from the night on the town into the mornings and waking up in what would’ve been a strange place but never felt like it, from the sheer feel of purpose. That’s what being young should be all about, being together, foolish together, lost, broke, in a dark room, in Sunglasses working on Summer tans, together. I’m so glad I got to experience that, and, even now, despite my age, recall.


November 24th, 2017.

Went past the pharmacy and bought silicone heels-inlays for my shoes. Remember having had use of those in previous times, albeit rubbery ones instead, for impact relief. Expensive stuff – 150 crowns – but didn’t want to wait for the 40-day China postman. And, as it were, they proved a terrific addition for my evening run. ‘My evening run’, as if I’ve been doing those for years and years. Third time was a charm tonight, and I remain confident that’s because of the new addition. To add to my other support measures: knee-bands, ankle-supports, I feel more enhanced than the Terminator. And old, too. Actually went back in time for a bit, inspired by the recent Queen-concert here in Denmark – although only two original members remain. The original Greatest Hits album is great for starters, and my friend Finn had it on a double-sided 45 minute cassette that I borrowed and played endlessly. ‘The Show Must Go On’ was a favorite, but most of my interest went to ‘Who Wants To Live Forever’. I’m sure I must’ve heard poignant melodies before, but for some reason or another – I guess the right time and the right age – it struck a chord with me, if I Brian May. Recall rewinding the tape on my Sony Walkman, favoring that beautiful song. Even this night it brough a surge of emotions with it, and so passes with ease the test of time.

November 19th, 2017.

Drove to Germany and back, in order to return Joy, German exchange-student, and hand over K, so that she might, in turn, try and go to a German school for a week. Best of luck to her – they’re somewhat ahead of the learning curve as opposed to her, I reckon. Fun trip, bit of an adventure. I hadn’t done border-shopping like that for ages, and the Euro that sis graciously donated towards the Disneyland-trip that never came to be worked well in our favor, here. Had to borrow auto-Jan’s Opel Astra for the trip, so grateful for our deal that has us swapping work-hours for auto-rentals and -maintenance. It’s a good deal when we’re in a tight spot such as this.

Wrote the local sports club, the biggest one around, to inquire about their thoughts of a weekly family-exercise event. Dodge-ball would suffice, just something I could go to with Nicolas and get us both moving. As opposed to my turning him over to soccer-practice, and then go solo-running in the evenings. A family thing, that wouldn’t require the proper clothes nor be about winning or losing, just with the sole focus on just getting out and get moving without any fuss. Would love it something came of it.

Better get cracking on course-preparation again. Maybe do a little bit of Christmas-thing, in honor of the December. But will need look at that code, and go over it a bit, for I’m still not there where it’s smooth sailing. And the 4th of December looms near. So will dedicate my trip-trips to that purpose. After all, I’ve completed the ‘Doom 4’ pc-game, and I read that book “It’s not about the Shark”, and finished that movie ‘Eddie the Eagle’. So I believe I’ve entertained myself enough, as it is.

November 17th, 2017.

Met Kenn at that diner, ‘Sporvognen’, that we frequented in earlier years. Decent burger at a premium price, good stuff. Good to see him again, at my suggestion. And not out of my way, now that I’m back in the city. Talked about this and that and had a good time. Made it to the Irish diner across from Jorck’s Passage, where I recall V and I once were, too. Got to talking about shooting some pool some day, would like that. Downed one of Barresso’s ridiculously sweet Christmas Lattes and made for some ‘Aloë Cocktail Bar’ where, alledgedly, there would be a gathering of BitCoin enthusiasts and, sure enough, place was crammed with youngsters with their mobile devices tuned to candle-stick charts and deriviatives trading apps. Decided, not there and then, to make my way to the Grand Central Station. Wonder how my own 0.2031 BitCoin investment is doing. Give it 30 years and we’ll see if anything ever came of it.

Nearing the Christmas month and the city, at least the part I came across tonight, is vibrant with consume, consume, consume. Across from the station there’s a new 16000 m2 shopping mall, dedicated entirely to perusing, sampling and purchasing luxury food items. I shy a bit away from this form of decadence. It’s a different solar system, even, than what I’m used to. Kenn speaks of the local thrift stores as appealing to the ‘kitch cult’ or some similar statement, and it’s all a bit too much for my basic tastes. I guess it keeps the wheels of society spinning, to some degree. But it’s still ackward, methinks. We’re such a rich country, all evidence points to that. And I suppose that in terms of the delta between rich and poor we’re not yet at the same level – a good thing – as some other, select nations. Still I shy away from it all, and wish that we might share our wealth more evenly. Yet easy to say, isn’t it, for one who feels poor. And, sporadically, becomes insulted from looking at adds for extravagant perfumes.

November 10th, 2017.

Well, that’s it for a first working week. Didn’t do too poorly, I hope. But, man, it’s getting straight into it – presentations, meetings, what not. It’s quite odd, there’s no easing into stuff. For all they knew they could’ve picked the entirely wrong candidate and I would’ve gotten nowhere, this week. There’s little in the way of conformity, it’s each man for himself and his technology of choice – and I fail to see how, given what little screening I had, they could’ve possibly testified as to my abilities (or lack of same). But anyways. Tons of new stuff to learn, which is cool I guess. And, like I said, I don’t think I sucked. But, man, some of’em are young. I’m the one with the oldest kids! And as we’re getting into tech-talk, I can tell they’re looking at me and wondering ‘what rock have you been living under’. No respect for their elders! Just kidding; I’ll learn what I can from them, and then some. Yet, again, man, they’re young. I know, I know – I’m to blame. I could’ve stayed with the job-security and, not least, knowledge-security of the old gig. But that would’ve been rather boring, would it not. And, as I’m reading ‘Its not about the shark’, a piss-poor problem-solving strategy. So I’m hereto learn, and let’s see what next week will bring.